Our cuisine is vegan, sensitive and fresh. A delicious selection of foods designed to nourish our soul and our body. Food that represents the magic of this island fused with other cultures and at the same time immerses us in an exquisite dance of flavours, aromas and colours.

The terrace is covered by an immense Ivy over 80 years old, enjoying the flavours and rich music underneath it with soft sea breezes is a journey of pleasure and connection. The patio is an intimate, warm space, surrounded by greenery and art. The interior houses two living-rooms, one simulates a spefific site of a fig, the other is crossed by geometries and colours of the earth, both invite us to feel at home, to enjoy being in a comfortable space, cared for with an exquisite selection of books and local art. 

In the heart, the local boutique, a space where resident artists and artisans of our island delight us with ceramics, sculpture, painting, textile design, natural cosmetics, decoration, jewellery with a singular look and essence that we are delighted and excited to share.

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Opening Hours

  • Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday: 19.00 - 23.00 hours

  • Saturday & Sunday: 13.00 - 16.00 hours & 19.00 - 23.00 hours

  • Tuesday: Closed

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Livings & Local Boutique