Remember to Remember

Our body represents matter, the corporeality of the Earth element.

Keeping the rests, tempos and rhythms of our body is restorative. It connects us to feel receptive, to feel the present time, and to feel more grounded and balanced which will lead to a greater connection with life on this and other planes.

To remember who we are, what we come to do on this planet and to be part of the fluidity of its cycles is our mission, and from this point of view we have created Esfigueral as a kind of individual and collective search in permanent change.

“A journey to the origin”, a journey to yourself, to your desires and reconnection with who you want to be and what you want to do is our pulse and from here we start, feeling, thinking and embracing every detail to create a balance between us and our planet.

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Meet The Team

Estibaliz and Remi are family and the essence of Esfigueral. Both start an individual search that begins by questioning oneself…..What do we eat … ? … How do we eat ? … How do we nourish ourselves ?

A portal opens in their lives, a new way of nourishing their bodies, new logics of conception of reality and consciousness awakens an inner flame, the illusion of creating a space aligned and in sync with new paradigms of care for the body, mind and soul, with this inner pulse, Hostal and Restaurant Esfigueral is born.

Together they are inspired to give light and development to the project; a path that is travelled every day, which is updated and regenerated. They welcome their guests and are always at your service to make your stay at Esfigueral feel comfortable, smooth and joyful.

She is the soul of the kitchen. When she arrives, she thanks the space and all the beings that inhabit it. Then Estibaliz asks permission to begin, smokes herbs and ritualises the space with music to nourish her soul, transmit and nourish the soul of those who are going to enjoy Esfigueral. A sacred creative synergy between the action of cooking and the one who receives the food.

Her hands are alchemy. The preparations are made from a place of peace and connection, integrating her wisdom for food, balancing flavours and colours, each dish being a work of culinary art in itself.
He is the host. The one who captivates us and welcomes us with his big smile. Remi takes care of all the details of the space, the set up, the selection of music, aromas. He is at your service to make your experience at Esfigueral warm and friendly as his mission is to make you feel at home.

He is in charge of the preparation of delicious cocktails and mixed drinks. Someone to recommend the ideal drink for your meal, according to your wishes and needs.

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