We created this space in order to share different therapeutic proposals which we resonate with and which form part of our path of healing, nutrition and care for our body, mind and soul.

Below you will find different therapies, detailed information and the phone numbers of those who provide them so that you can get in touch and book your session during your stay at Esfigueral.

Seeing me I see You. I recognise you and I know myself. Do you want us to travel?

Full Dynamics Caring

According to the astral movements, we propose you to touch our body and soul in harmony. It is a new ERA, where the old structures no longer serve in the here and now; giving way to reinventing ourselves.

We invite you to this orchestra to be reborn and be aware of our body and release information that we keep, leaving space to dream and feel from wisdom, new structures and experiences.

To live in balance with the connection of our being in the universe. Rooting ourselves from our plantar arch in frequency with the core of the earth, going through the golden tube of our spine and emerging through the fontanel, achieving a good energetic flow.

It is time to be aligned and express from consciousness, unifying and living as one energy with the whole and with all.

Our body and breath are key. WELCOME to the journey of expansion of being.

We live in a society in which we can’t always be looking with a magnifying glass to see if what we eat, think and feel is wholly healthy. However, our organism, thanks to its flexibility, should be able to collect energy from different sources, so that the degree of stress in the system is regulated, thus improving the quality of life, from an awareness of our body.

What do we stand out for?

Full Dynamics Caring, 4 hands. We are two people specialised, with 30 years of experience, in various techniques and therapies that act at the same time on your body for its expansion and reset. We introduce ourselves with a welcome session and we say goodbye with a rebirth to thank the generosity of our body.

1st session: Tune-up!

1. Postural study
2. Structural release
2.1. Balance of the central line of gravity
2.2. Balance of the organism’s function
2.3. PH regulation
3. Emotional release of energetic and organic knots
4. Energetic liberation

(In case of groups, this session is carried out in two by two clients).

2nd session: Rebirthing…

This 4 hands session helps us to integrate the experiences and knowledge lived in our body and soul.

Put AWARENESS, your body relaxes and balances, through primary and deep breathing.
Access the communication between the higher consciousness and the universe.

(This 4 hands session is individual and is done on a stretcher).

How do we do it?

We combine a series of techniques and therapies in an individual and personalised way in different sessions, taking into account the length of stay of our clients, to achieve the objectives in an integrative way and to reach the cause, at various levels:

⭒ Physical ⭒ Metaphysical ⭒ Mental ⭒ Emotional ⭒ Psychological ⭒ Psychic ⭒ Spiritual

This way, our organism begins to understand that it has to draw on new sources of energy different from the usual ones, obtaining flexibility in the body, mind and soul --> SPIRIT.

Who is it for?

The goodness of these sessions makes it suitable for all ages, from babies to the elderly.

⭒ Revitalise your body in 10 min + personalised Detox juice (only groups of 10 people or more).
⭒ Beauty. Remodels and eliminates cellulite and toxins.
⭒ Sports. Maintain your posture to exercise your muscles correctly. Get rid of contractures and pains!
⭒ Relaxing. Various techniques to treat from massage and/or energy therapies.

Contact us

Miriam +34 673 13 27 83

Magdalena Zapata +34 633 85 56 98